Wednesday, March 7, 2012

YSL Lipsticks ... And My Love For Them

I decided to do a post a little different today and tell you about my love for YSL lipsticks.

When I was working abroad (in Europe), my accessibility to make up wasn't the best. I worked in Portugal, Rhodes (Greece) and Lanzarote. I would say that Portugal was the easiest to find make up. Only the higher end brands such as Dior, Chanel, YSL etc were available which would be quite costly.

When I was in Lanzarote however, there was a lot of perfume shops with discounts all over the place trying to get you to buy from them. In most of them they had small displays of the higher end make up. During my time there I bought two YSL lipsticks and absolutely love them both. I bought each for around 15 Euros which I suppose is the equivalent to £15 these days, which I thought was a real bargain.

As you can probably tell they are very worn as at one point I used them religiously. I love the YSL packaging and I love that each line of lipstick has a unique case design.

The top lipstick in the picture is part of the Rouge Pur Couture line and where you see the black band the lid just pulls off. The bottom lipstick is part of the Rouge Pur Shine line and I think this case is fantastic. You push the top of the packaging down and then pull the lipstick out. I like the way the coloured block is different depending on which lipstick colour you choose.

Now onto the colours ... I am a little obsessed with anything pink. In fact I would say I am majorly obsessed. This is the same for lips, I love a good pink lip. The Rouge Pur Couture lipstick is #26 Rose Libertin which is a fantastic hot pink colour. The Rouge Pur Shine lipstick is #11 Pink Diamond, this colour is a very light pink, almost sheer with tiny glittery sparkles in to make your lips all shimmery and gorgeous.

The lipsticks are so creamy and moiturising to put on that they feel fantastic one you put them on your lips. Both of them have an SPF 15 so you can wear them in the sunshine and not have to worry. Also they last quite a while, I would say you don't need to reapply for 2-3 hours.

You can purchase these lipsticks and more on the YSL Beauty website which I shall pop at the bottom of this post for you. They cost £23.50 which is slightly more than I would probably pay but I would say they are worth every penny. If you are looking for one high end purchase in your make up kit I would definitely say that YSL lipsticks are the ones to consider!

What is your favourite lipstick? Do you have a favourite brand? Just leave a comment below =D

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  1. I really want to treat myself to a high end lipstick, all the ones i buy are rimmel or Revlon. I do have a couple of MAC ones but i think i'll purchase one from YSL on the next pay day! :) x


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