Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub and Dual Action Moisturiser

I am pretty lucky with my skin as very rarely do I get spots and when I do it is only a small one, however I do have a lot of black heads on my chin and nose as my skin is quite oily.

I first tried the Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub when I was working in Portugal in 2009 and found it a god send. The wash claims you can see fewer blackheads after 1 wash and it does exactly that. I would say that it doesn't get rid of them completely if you use the product every day (from my experience) but you can see a lot less and your skin looks so much better. I used this religiously but as I have said before I find new products and stop using the old ones so this was one I unfortunately moved on from. 

When I first purchased this in 2009 the scrub was around £5.50 in the UK. I went into Superdrug the other day and decided to repurchase this as my skin has been playing up lately. I was amazed to see £1 off so I bought it for £1.89 which was cheaper than Superdrugs own! I just love this product as it has microbeads in it which help to exfoliate and clear the skin.  It has larger blue beads it which you can really feel exfoliating the skin, then it has finer beads within the cleansing solution which you cannot see but they help to break down the dirt and oil. 

*Apologies for my sausage like fingers (they're not like that  in real life HONEST*

Later on I was catching up on some YouTube videos I had been meaning to watch and I saw that Miss Budget Beauty (her blog is on my 'Blogs I love section' had recommended the Dual Action Moisturiser by Clean & Clear. I had this in my hand when I bought the Blackhead Clearing Scrub but ended up putting it back on the shelf. So I went back into Superdrug and bought the moisturiser and at an impressive £2.89 (ish) it was another bargain!

The moisturiser is oil free and has a spot-fighting ingredient in it to help prevent further spots which is always a bonus! The consistency is very light weight and it goes into the skin really quick. I use this in the morning and at night, I cannot say whether the moisturiser has got rid of any blemishes etc yet as I haven't had any. You can put it on as thick or as thin as you like. The bottle is quite narrow so you can easily put it in your handbag or fit it into your make up bag if you are staying over night somewhere.

Another fab product which I recommend and which an even more excellent price to match!!!

Hope you liked this guys!

The Glitter Fairy

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