Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lush POW WOW Lip Scrub

For those of you that are not familiar with Lush products I shall give you a brief introduction to them. Lush cosmetics are all handmade and they do not test on animals, only humans. Their products are fresh and organic, also they use all recyclable packaging so they are kind to the planet as well!!!

I am not a religious Lush cosmetics buyer, however when they have sales on I am the first one through the door to see what they have on offer! After Christmas is when Lush have their MASSIVE sale and I picked up a few products. The most interesting one I purchased is this Lip Scrub. It smooths out your lips and it has popping candy in it which I found very exciting!!

2 months after purchasing this I thought I would share my views on it.

I was very excited to get this as I had never heard of anything with popping candy in it before! The first time I used it I was very impressed as it smoothed out my lips perfectly, however it did end up all around my mouth as the popping candy is quite hard to control when rubbing it in ... A result of too much product I would say!

 The problem with me is that I buy a product, get really excited for it and then after a week find something else so I stop using it. Well this happened with this Lip Scrub, I put it on my shelf and forgot about it until now!

I have just opened it up and it appears to have dried out slightly at the top, leaving all the moisture towards the bottom of the pot. When I put the Lip Scrub on my finger it felt  greasy BUT it still did what it was designed to do and that is leave my lips kissable and silky smooth!

The great thing about the Lip Scrub is that it smells amazing, It is very citrus-y (is that even a word?!) as it has lime oil in it, along with rose hip oil (one of my fave smells)  and jojoba oil.

Overall I think its a great product and the fact that it is all natural is that it doesn't dry out your lips. I know other products similar to this are on the market now, I saw one by the till in New Look the other day so I will see if I can get one to do a comparison for you!

I hope you have enjoyed another review from me!

See you soon

The Glitter Fairy

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  1. I want to try this just to see what the pooping candy will feel like! I use the mint julips scrub, it's lovely :) x


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