Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revlon ColorStay and PhotoReady Foundations

I decided to do a joint review on these foundations as they are both from Revlon. I like both of these foundations and I use them for different things. The ColorStay I use when I am going for an evening out and the PhotoReady I use for everyday. Initially they were bought for the opposite uses but I shall explain why I use them for each a little later on.

First of all let's talk about the packaging. I like that the packaging is pretty simple. The bottles are glass which makes the foundations heavier to hold than I think they could be. The PhotoReady foundation has a pull of lid with a pump to release the product.

The ColorStay foundation has a lid which screws off, it has no pump just what can only be described as a hole to get the product out. 

I must admit this is one downfall of the ColorStay foundation as I find it quite hard to control how much product comes out and I usually end up with a little more foundation on my face than i first wanted.

Now ... The consistency!

The PhotoReady foundation is very lightweight and easy to control. It does have some shimmery particles in it which, don't worry, doesn't make you look shiny, it makes you look more like you have a glow. I thought this foundation would be good for the evenings I go out but as you can see from the photograph (the top swatch), when you take a photograph with the flash on, you do get some flashback. I find I do have to set this with a powder to make it last longer. The foundation makes your skin look perfect and flawless.

The ColorStay foundation is much thicker in consistency, which can at first make you feel like your foundation looks like you have applied it with a trowel. However, once the foundation has settled it makes your skin look like it has no imperfections and also flawless. I use this foundation at night when I go out as it lasts longer than the PhotoReady foundation and I don't have to set it.

Overall I love both of these foundations and now I have found when works best to wear these I feel even more happier about them.

The PhotoReady claims to give you 'Perfected airbrushed skin in any light and complete covereage' and the ColorStay claims it 'Wears for up to 16 hours and gives you a flawless look'. I must say Revlon have done very well and achieved what they set out to do with both of these foundations.

I would say if you are looking for a new drug store/high street foundation, definitely give this one a go!

Let me know what you think,

The Glitter Fairy

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