Friday, March 23, 2012

Shopping Haul .. MAC, MUA, Primark

As the weather wasn't too bad yesterday, I decided to go to my local city and see what bargains I could pick up. My main priority was make up but I also had a Primark gift card left over from Christmas which I wanted to use up.

My first stop was to Superdrug to see what MUA and Sleek bargains I could pick up. I was hoping they would have the MUA BB cream but to my disappointment they didn't have it. Also that particular Superdrug does not stock the MUA palettes. I did pick up the pressed powder in Shade 1, the Eyebrow pencil in Brunette, the Nail Varnish in Shade 16 (I had ordered it online but when it arrived it had no brush attached. I had sent MUA an e-mail telling them this but I had no response but I thought for £1 it is no great loss), and the blusher in Shade 6 which had conveniently smashed before I got it home.

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Even though I tried SO hard to avoid Debenhams and the MAC counter, I heard it calling my name and I just HAD to go inside. Staring at all of the beautiful colours, this one stood out for me. It is Pink Venus and I love it. It is a light pink colour with some silver sparkles. It is beautiful and I know this will now be my go to eyeshadow on a daily basis!

Once I had decided to purchase the eyeshadow I quickly ran out of Debenhams as I knew I would spend FAR too much money on the other counters. 

Moving on to the cheaper side of the city, I headed to Primark where I picked up some pretty good stuff. I had £23 left on a giftcard from Christmas and I wanted to spend it soon as it would be hanging around in my purse for MONTHS otherwise.
Usually I go into Primark and see one or two items I like and that's it, not yesterday, apparently Primark were having a 'let's have lots of nice things so Jazmine buys them' day!
I was very strict with myself and came out with only a few things. I bought sunglasses, face wipes and a orange and mango smoothie candle. Also you will see the Aussie shampoo and contidioner which I picked up from Superdrug at 2 for £6.99.

Also from Primark I bought a pair of hot pink chinos and a Barbie top. Now as you may know I am a lover of all things pink. Well my love of Barbie is just as great. Anything Barbie I must have ... some may see that as slightly odd for a 22 year old but in my eyes, she can do no wrong! I was super happy when I found this top and I know I will be wearing all the time!

Please excuse messy looking room ... it's really not that bad!
I am sure I bought a couple of other things but really can't remember what they were. 
That was my shopping trip and my purchases which I am very happy about! I am sure I will be reviewing some of the stuff I bought but if you want me to review anything specific you see on this page just leave a comment below and I will see what I can do =D

I am off to go watch Disney Heros and Princess' on Ice now!
Ciao for now,


  1. the superdrug nearest to me hardly has any mua in stock the display is always 1/4 full i've been checking in for the bb cream since it came out and my last nail polish from them had no brush in it either luckiliy i had saved an empty so i just cleaned the brush and used that one :) xx

  2. Oooh glad it isn't just me that has had a dodgy brush then ... or no brush in our case ha ha ha!


  3. Hey :) You have a lovely blog, I've followed! It would be great if you followed me back, you could be 50th follower which means I can start my giveaway! Yay!


  4. love your bright pink trousers! love Aussie hair products too :-) x

    1. I was a bit nervous stepping out the door in the trousers but I just thought sod it, I love pink too much to care lol xxx

  5. those face wipes made me break out soo badly. they were awful.

    1. Oh no! These are ok on my skin and for £1 I can't leave them there. Any you recommend?



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