Monday, February 27, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick

When I first heard about these I must say I was very sceptical. Being a lover of lipgloss, I was unsure if I could be converted to a lipstick lover. Don't get me wrong I do occasionally wear the odd lipstick but I definitely didn't think I would all the time.

Boots recently had an offer on where you bought a revlon foundation you got any lip product FREE, so I thought I would give these a go.

I now have three from the range and my overall verdict ... I LOVE them!!! They stay on and do not budge! I eat, drink and talk all day and only reapply in the evening if I am going out.

At first while it is drying the product can feel slightly sticky but I just lick my lips and it is fine! The great thing is with these is that you can build up the product creating a stronger colour. I would say you need to let the first application dry before the second.

I would give these a 9/10 and would recommend them to anyone! They are currently £8.99 or 2 for £10 in Boots, well worth the money if you ask me! 

The colours I have are:
004 prime pink
070 best bubbly
060 stellar sunrise

*Sorry about the lighting, it is a very dull day.*

Allow me to introduce myself!

Hello there, Fairy followers!

First of all a HUGE welcome to my blog! I am using this first post (of many) as a brief introduction to myself, my blog and why I am here!

As an avid watcher of YouTube gurus and an avid reader of beauty blogs I thought it was about time I gave my views on different things within the beauty world.

I shall use my little bubble on the internet to share my views, opinions and reviews on certain products. I shall have a general chit chat with you and share any exciting news that may be worth telling!

I am in no way, shape or form claiming to be a professional in the beauty industry as I am just a regular 22 year old who enjoys buying to make-up and products and trying new things out! 

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Speak soon

The Glitter Fairy