Friday, March 2, 2012

NOTD pastels with glitter

I thought I would show off my nails and show you the colours I used to create this look. I absolutely adore all of the pastel nail looks I have seen around and I thought it was about time I created one myself and now the sun is shining more often it has really put me in that Spring/Summer mood.

The polishes I have used are from 3 different brands and I just pulled them out of my polish collection. I do my own gel nail extensions at home and I use natural tips as I don't like the french manicure look and I usually want something sparkly and colourful which is why I opted for this look.

So for my thumb I used this Elanor pale pink polish #406. This was just a very cheap polish I bought whilst working overseas but i just love the candy pink colour. Over the top I used Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch glitter. It has small silver bits of glitter and bigger bits of blue and purple and I think it is just fab.

For my index finger I used this mint green colour which is quite pearly in its appearance and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It is Miss Sporty from the Clubbing Colours range and only cost £2.99. I got mine from Boots but you can find it in Superdrug also.

The colour I used on my middle finger is from MUA it is shade 24 and a lovely matte lilac colour. I thought this was perfect for spring and I think I will be using this one a lot. This polish only cost £1 from the MUA website but you can also buy MUA products at selected Superdrug stores.

For my ring finger I used a Natural Collection polish. I can't see the exact name of the colour as it has worn off the label but it is a fantastic coral colour. It is more orange than I hoped for but it is one I could not leave on the shelf. This cost me around £1.99 from my local Boots store. Over this I used the Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch to make it look more pretty.

I used another MUA polish on my little finger, this time shade 9 which is a fantastic blue colour. This is slightly darker than I wanted for this look and I think next time I will try a lighter blue but I love the colour of this polish. Again it cost me only £1 from the MUA website which just makes it excellent value for money.

On my other hand I swapped over the colours so I used the blue for my thumb, the coral for my index finger, the lilac for my middle finger, the green for my ring finger and the pink for my little finger. I decided to do this just so it looked a bit different.

There you have it my NOTD which I love and I will probably have these nails for a long long time!

I hope you liked!

The Glitter Fairy


  1. Really pretty spring colours :) x

  2. Gorgeous nails! Love the shape and length, those colours are gorgeous too. I can see my profile pic on your GFC now :-)

  3. I love miss sporty nail polishes! no-one ever really mentions them but the colours are awesome! I'm really into nail varnishes too but I would never post any swatches of them on my blog as my nails are small and bitten :(
    Ayesha x

  4. I see what you mean about MUA they have great things, I love those colours from MUA, think im going to have to get some :) x


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