Friday, March 2, 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Palette Heaven and Earth

I love using browns and natural colours for day time eyeshadow and I always tend to create a natural smokey eye look. I am a big fan of MUA cosmetics as they give you a high quality product for not much money at all. I was very excited to discover MUA have their own website in which you can now order from. I instantly went online and thought I would take advantage of this. One of the things I bought was this Heaven and Earth palette which is usually £4.50 but I only paid £3.50 as you saved £1 on any palette you bought. BARGAIN!!!

When the package came I was very surprised my purchases did not come in a box but a brown packet envelope and all of the products were loose in there, at first I was disappointed at how the products came as I love opening a box full of make up (it feels almost christmas-y) however, for the price you pay for the make up I didn't let that ruin my overall opinion of the company.

There are some fab colours in this palette from very natural beiges to a couple of golds to some very dark browns. All of the colours have a slight shimmer in which I like as I think even in the day time it makes it look that extra bit glamorous. 

I have used it a few times now and each time I use it I am just as impressed with the colours as the last time! 

Overall I think this is a brilliant staple to keep in your make up kit, especially for those of you on a budget as it is just as good as some of the high end products I have used in the past.

*It does come with a brush but I appear to have lost it.*

Happy make up-ing!

The Glitter Fairy


  1. i have this pallette too i think its such good value for money, really nice natural colours :) xx

  2. i have this pallet and i think its just as good quality as the naked 2 in my opinion the mua is a tad more pigmented :)


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