Monday, March 19, 2012

23 Followers, 23 Facts

In honor of you lovely followers and to celebrate my first 23 I decided I would tell you 23 facts about me. Some you may know, others are completely random. I will be putting up some photos along the way ... some relevant, others will just be because I can.

Current Facebook Pic

1: My real name is Jazmine (which I will be using from now on =D). I would just like to point out I was not named after the Disney character although I do refer to myself as 'Princess Jazmine'.

2: I was born in Kettering Hospital on the 29th May 1989 which makes me a Gemini. People do say I am a true Gemini, being the sign of the twins it represents a split personality.

3: I have just finished 4 years working overseas for one of the biggest tour operators in the UK. I spent 2 years in Portugal, 1 year in Rhodes (Greece) and 1 year in Lanzarote (Canaries).

Sitting in the Canarian sunshine on a boat drinking champagne ... I really was living the dream!
4: I ADORE the colour pink. Anything pink I am drawn to ... if it is pink and SPARKLY then hands down I will have it.

5: I love holidays! I have been on some fab holidays, I would say the most exciting place I have been to was Morocco.

Left = Me, Middle = My best friend, Right = Deborah (hotel dancer) in the Moroccan sea.
6: The beauty products I could not live without are foundation, mascara and lipgloss.

7: My favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerrys Phish Food.

8: I have 3 tattoos. One on my wrist with my nickname JJ, one behind my ear (the symbol for Gemini) and a heart on my hip.

9: I am about to start a new and exciting job in a bank.

10: I am convinced I will be famous one day and it is my life long dream to be in Coronation Street.

11: I am naturally Blonde.

Left = Me, Right = Sophie an ex colleague after one or two too many wines!
12: I have never been on a date. No one has ever asked me to go for a coffee or for a meal without me having to be in a relationship with them. It sounds odd but I suppose in the UK we are less inclined to do this sort of thing.

13: I am petrified of fire, to the point I can't cook on a gas stove and if I am burning candles I am watching them every 30 seconds!

14: I love singing. My guilty pleasure is karaoke. Most people tell me I have a good singing voice but I tend to argue. I am constantly singing in the shower and occasionally have the urge to belt out some Celine Dion in my bedroom.

15: The last leads me to tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with music. If I am not singing I am listening to music. If I am upset I listen to music, if I am happy I listen to music.

16: I have loads of favourite movies and cannot choose one but at the moment I love love love Legally Blonde it is definitely one of my all time faves.

17: I am constantly applying lipgloss. 

18: I sometimes drink a little too much!

Portugal 2009, Casually leaning against a tree drinking a bottle of wine.

19: I love fancy dress!

20: I cannot cook to save my life. Even if I follow recipes, something goes wrong.

21: Every interview I have been to, the company have offered me a job.

22: I have never broken a bone.

23: You will not see me without nail extensions. I used to go to the salon to get them done but now I do my own gel extensions at home. I prefer this as I can paint them and do different nail art whenever I want to.

There we go, 23 random facts about me. Something a little different which I hope you have enjoyed.

Enjoy your day!



  1. aw this is a good idea, it is good seeing random facts. Your birthday is a day after mine, go Gemini!

  2. I love things like this, good way of geeting to know the blogger :) I wish No 21 was true for me though lol! x

  3. I really think you suit being a brunette! And how dya do gel nails at home??? and congrats on 23 followers :D xx

  4. Yay for Gemini's Nicole =D!!! Glad you enjoyed Emma!!

    Kirsty - I have the lamp and everything, I went to the salon so many times I kinda picked it up!



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