Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have Your Say Week!

This post is a little different than the others. I thought it was about time I gave you guys the chance to have your say (appropriately titled post I feel).

For those of you who don't blog yourself, I think I speak on behalf of most bloggers when I say, our readers feedback and thoughts are one of the most important factors for us. This is why I am creating a number of ways for you to give me your feedback.

I am doing Have Your Say Week, where for the whole week I will be running a few interactive things for me to hear your views.

The first is the poll in the sidebar.
 I would appreciate if you took a few seconds to vote as your thoughts are golden!!!

The second is you can give me any thoughts by using the hashtag #Haveyoursayweek on twitter. For those of you that aren't following me it is @glitter_fairyuk. Here you can let me know any more info ... or even just say hello!

Finally my email address (Found on the 'Other Places I fly to' page) is open to all 24/7, 365 days a year! This is where you can ask me questions, request reviews/opinions on a certain product or again just to say hello!

 I would love to hear from you all, all the time! But this poll will run for a week. So get voting! Oh and you can only vote once =D

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  1. Awesome post :) Keep posting


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