Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boots Cocoa Butter & Mallow Body Lotion

As the colder weather is creeping upon us, my skin is getting more dry and I need to make an extra effort to keep my skin more hydrated.

When it comes to my beauty regime I am generally quite lazy and I have only just got to grips with cleansing properly and keeping my face moisturised. I do however, often forget about the rest of my body. I have noticed my skin getting more dry. I reluctantly went on a search for a nice scented body lotion/moisturiser as I am not a fan of unscented products because I like that subtle hint of a scent when going about my daily business.

I found the Cocoa Butter and Mallow body lotion in my local Boots and I fell in love with it straight away. At the moment you can pick it up from their website here for the small price of £2.03 for a 300ml bottle. That's the sort of money you find lying around the house!


The lotion has a very thin consistency which makes it so easy to rub into the skin after your shower. It leaves a gorgeous cocoa-y, sweet scent on the skin which you can smell up to about 2-3 hours after application which, for something so cheap is rather impressive!

The product claims to nourish and care for dry skin, leaving it soft, smooth an moisturised which i can agree with 100%. The bottle has a handy pump dispenser which makes it easy to dispense the product from the bottle and handy to leave in your bathroom or on your dressing table.

Generally I find the Boots own brand products good quality and the Cocoa Butter & Mallow body lotion does not disappoint and has not changed my opinion one bit!

What is your favourite body lotion/body moisturiser? Do you have a specific body skin care routine? Let me know in the comments below =D

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